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Our Mission

Our goal is to help the children attain an integrated personality through a balanced growth of body, mind and soul.

This implies first physical education, exercise, personal hygiene, healthy habits and attitudes, balanced diet and medical check-ups at the school.

Secondly, we cultivate mind and intellect, stimulate children’s creative abilities, teach them to talk and discuss , argue and dialogue, analyse and enquire, evaluate and judge, see and observe life around and for this, we take them to radio station, airport, tank ride, fire station, picnic spots, bread factory and other placer of interest. Activities like puppet shows, magic shows and dog circus are also organized.

Thirdly, we insist on the silent growth of a strong and resilient character so that they may staunchly withstand the rough weather and can stand firm and resolute in face of all situations, tempting or forbidding.

Fourthly, we emphasize the value of creativity, for we hold that a housewife who cooks in the kitchen the delicacies for the family is as creative as a poet or an artist or a surgeon. Beauty is one and single and so is literature, art, music and other aesthetic forms. What is important is self-awareness, enrichment of feelings and emotions and heightening sensitivity and developing healthy sentiments.

Finally, we insist on the spiritual side of life, for it is the spirit that nourishes the soul and sustains the mind and body .Prayer, in our view, is the most effective weapon, both offensive and defensive in the battle of life.

With this 5-fold growth of the child, we hope that our children will be able to acquire wholesome social, moral, ethical, intellectual and spiritual values in a rapidly changing society. Thus they will contribute effectively to the total stock of human culture, serving their family, society, nation and the world at large in a spirit of humility, love, strength, forbearance, discipline and courage. We are sure that wherever they go, they will keep the flag of their dear Love Nest flying high.

Our mission is supplemented by our strategic aims.